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“Globalwarming awareness2007″ has nothing common with real global warming

Let's assume you are in an average user's shoes seeking for global warming stats on the net. What will you type in the search field of Google? - "Global warming stats" will be the first on your mind with a higher possibility.

Does Google see difference between the two terms?! For sure it does! Google can hear accord in movie and cinema, that's true. But as I believe only due to the existance of the both terms on topic-related sites. I doubt one can find "globalwarming awareness2007" on an official governmental site or any other trusted resources. It is SEO-contest web sites owners who make Google believe the term is truely eco-related.

If so, what is the purpose to write about global warming or deforestation problems?! It seems useless at least...

Moreover, the "toppers" in Google are not about global-warming-only sires. And they don't put "global warming" as their anchor-text for link exchange.

Globalwarming awareness2007 - no more than a buzz word!! Let's call it a new brand - and optimize pages in accordance. You wouldn't start optimizing new Apple's device (iPhone) with listing it in "Fruits directory", would you?!

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Free Submission Sites

I tried three different sites for link development and two
of them monitor the process and you approve the links through their site. This gives you some control on who links to you.

The third site I submitted to did not have a lot of requirements and it did allow you to specify the type of sites you would accept links from.

I have since found that some pretty awful sites (porn) have linked to my site. I found them by checking my Alexa rating and found the sites that were linking to mine. I have been trying to block them ever since. My hosting website suggested that I add a script that blocks them.

If anyone has any suggestions on to stop this it would be helpful.

So to answer your question, be careful.

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