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Using Internal Pages to Give Power to the Index

Imagine following thing:

My site works some specific keywords (keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3) as usual and inside it i have pages for each one of them: ; ; ;

So, i want to get rank for my index with those 3 keywords. I can use the keyword anchors mentioned in each one of them linking to my index cause all of those pages are related - i´m mentioning those keywords in all pages. But if i do that i´ll lose the natural flow of information in the contents of my intern pages.

What i mean is ... the anchor keyword1 in the page ; can link to my index instead of ; but this approach brake the flow of information. I opted to strengthen my index in this scheme instead of my internal pages.

I would like know what do you think about this approach?If is good forget those anchors for the internal pages or give power to my index through blog articles, link building with external pages and keep those anchors to each specific page.

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What Constitutes Good Links?

IMO there is no such thing as a 'bad' link... therefore, one might infer that all links are 'good'... but there are varying degrees of 'good'.

Unless there is obvious and overwhelming evidence that you are buying links, I'm not sure the SEs can really penalize your site directly. But they can go after those selling links, which indirectly hurts you as a buyer because you may now not get what you paid for... and may continue to pay for the links not knowing that you are being passed Zero link equity from them.

The best links IMO are from authoritative, high PR sites that are relevent to your site, from pages on that source site where they are targeting similar or same keywords as the page to which they are linking on your site, and having the link in the actual text of the source site's page, and the link text for the hyperlink being the keywords you're targeting on the page on your site to which they are linking.

But even a 'click here' link on another site to a page on your site can only help (pass 0 or more link equity), never hurt...

If you're buying links, know where they are coming from... what types of sites they are coming from... get references. And make sure that the growth looks natural.

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How not to ask for a link (a few easy tips based on an email writing)

1. Don't mention anything nice about the person's site you are writing to. Keep the focus only on your site and how important your site is.

2. Mention repeatedly how important your low ranked, unknown site is and that the person you are writing to with an established, popular site "needs" to know about it. Don't use phrases like "you may find it of interest to know about my site" or "we seem to share a common interest" - those words are too polite and might actually get a response. Be sure to use terms like "you need to", especially when corresponding with a total stranger.

3. Address your email to "whom it may concern" even if the person's name you are sending your link request/demand to is in the title of his or her site, on the home page and listed again on the contact page. Remember your site is the important one, so it doesn't matter if you show an interest in the other person's name or web site.

4. Don't offer to link to the other person's site even if it is on the same topic as your site. Just repeatedly mention how important your information is and how linking to your site will help spread the word about this important topic. Ignore the fact that the publisher you are writing to already is spreading the word on this important topic.

5. Don't use words like please or thank you. If you use polite terms like that and the person you are writing to may actually respond to your email.

6. Repeatedly namedrop every important person you know related to the topic of your site. This shows how important you and your gray bar site with no links really must be. Make it seem like you are doing the link request recipient a favor by even taking time out of your busy schedule hobnobbing with important people to send him or her unsolicited spam email.

7. Don't bother to proof read your email and be sure to include spelling and grammatical errors.

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AddThis Vertical Bar position relative to the page content

I was trying to setup Sociable plugin for WP. Skyscrapper didn't work.
I remember about AddThis buttons and found that they do offer Vertical Bar now.

Instruction there is very poor, but vertical floating bar with social buttons is very popular among bloggers! And they really offer webmasters set position of sharing bar relative to the left top corner of visitors' browsers . :)
Most of sites I visit has centered body, I think you too. And what if I want place this bar to the right of content???
According to the logic We must post notice on our sites like this: "Please change resolution of your monitor to 1280x1024 for better view."
Crap! :) Read the rest of this entry »

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Links from Logos

I am just wondering whether links from a logo will benefit my site in the same was as a text link would? Do they count at all? If so, is the Alt Tag used as opposed to anchor text? A site has just offered to place my logo on their site which links through to my site, just need to know whether to ask for a text link instead...

If you are getting the next best thing which is an image link, than it is ok. Just be sure they include a proper alt attribute for your Logo image. Adding the alt attribute with the image link provides an added benefit.

I'd also look at what is surrounding your image link. There are "outside influences" that come into play when we're talking about image links and their placement.

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Running out of potential link partners.

We are starting to run thin on potential link partners. I have sent hundreds of requests (most of them customized) to high values sites and now the pool is running dry. For you guys who have been in my situation, where do you turn to find new link partners?So far, I've hit the search engines and went through all the industry link sections of my competitors and related sites/industries.

Oops Links Links and Links......

We need to be #1, how can we get links? Almost every other client has this question.

My answer:

1. Content: If you don't have content on your website, you don't deserve links. So work on the content, make it worthy of a read.
2. Services: Do you really exist? What do you do? Do you offer something unique? If you are doing something useful probably there are a bunch who want to talk about your site.
3. Don't live in an era of Link exchange. Those days are almost over, rely on creating talkable content. There are tons of articles on it.
4. Focus on few links, get the relationship moving. If a public speaker is impressed with your website, he will spread to many who will link back. So make sure you take your site to people who are talkers for your subject.
5. Press releases are tricky, don't publish one article across many sites, max 5 and if possible, let all of these articles contain a link to one article so that you can cash in more juice.
6. News websites: There are tons of services that offer paid exposure and getting you to news sites.
7. Gadgets: Make gadgets and get links from there. It will also prompt many people to talk about your services.
8. Target technical neighborhood, they like to talk about things, so keep doing something that they can talk about.

There is a ton that one can write about links. I wish I had enough time. You can get some good links for $s too (most of them do it but very smartly).

But remember this formula
Year 2003: - Page based optimization, get links to targeted pages only.
Year 2008: Site based optimization, get links to site, make your site credible, pages of a credible websites are credible, get some topical links to the pages and you rock the SERPS.

Easy said than done :) . Do your dirty work yourself or pay the experts.

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Bouncing back from linking to a spammy site

I added one of those free polls to a client's site a few weeks back, and today I was supposed to remove it. Then I noticed something I somehow missed when I copied and pasted the original snippet of code to their site: there was a 1 pixel graphic linking to an online casino and there was alternate image text with gambling keywords.

For it's target keywords, I noticed that the site had dropped from #4 to page one of Google, to #11. It consistently ranked well for several years, so I can only imagine that linking to a bad neighborhood got it hit with penalties. I removed the poll, but is the damage done?

Will the site bounce back from this?

My personal thought is that I would expect it to return. I'm confident that slipping to #11 is not a penalization, just a common drop in rankings.

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How many inbound links per day is safe?

Some internet sources consider that organizing a link campaign, the number of new links per month should be less than 10 % of the overall number of links that the site has. Do you think it is right?
That 10 % refers to all the links ( outbound, inbound )?
Or does it refer to the unique links ( considering several links from the same site a s an unique link)?

My impression, in these days, is that it's not necessary a big number of links, but few good links per month.
I think that Google is implementing something like a "sandbox" for sites getting too many links in a short term.

I think that is largely dependent on the level of authority your site commands, but even more dependent on the quality of those links.

If you have an established authoritative domain I don't believe there are negative implications with getting too many links too soon. There are many examples we can point to where a site can naturally gain thousands of links within a few days such as an exclusive news story breaking on a site that gets picked up by the media and blogs, or a new widget getting picked up thousands of customers.

With a newer site I might take a more conservative approach when building links...but the same concept applies.

How many links do you think some site acquired within the first few days it launched? Hundreds? Thousands? And it wasn't penalized.....

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Pages with more than 100 links

Here Im thinking of some link exchange issues:

Would a site be penalised by being a on page with more that 100 links on it ?

What are the implications ?

Not really penalized but the quality signal of the page may be diminished. Many users find it very difficult and annoying to navigate through hundreds of links. Google is pretty clear on this too...

Just for the record, we can process more than 100 links per page :-) . We do however recommend the limit of 100 because it generally makes sense for users (and search engines).

It has been written in their guidelines and has become a reference point for topics such as this. Yes, I know, there are plenty of sites doing just fine with 500+ links on their pages. They most likely have the authority and PR to get away with it. A smaller site with a large number of on page links may have some challenges trying to distribute its minimal PR.

What type of links are we referring to? On site and off site? Or both?

I'm confused on this point as well. A sub-page on one of my sites has 139 links. Ranked pretty good until 120. After that the giggly spider came back less often.

That said, the page has grown and can be split, and that is for the convenience of visitors (just makes sense). Just haven't gotten around to that. When I do, which will be soon, I'll let you know. No problems with indexing (that I can see) but the FREQUENCY of updates has gone south.

Is there a "100" rule out there we should be watching?

Only the one that I've seen in Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Other than that, it is open for interpretation or misinterpretation. ;)

I believe it is all relative. Larger sites tend to have a larger number of links per page. I don't know what the calculations may be but common sense tells me that if I have a 10 page site and have hundreds of links all over the place, things are going to be out of whack.

We've had discussions here on internal navigation systems and how "overloading" them with links can be a detriment to indexing in some instances. If you have a site and it doesn't have the link equity to pass amongst that many links, things are going to be challenging. Your best option may be to serve section specific menus with a link to all primary sections always visible. Once the visitor arrives in that section then the menu is specific to that.
I've found more challenges with the "link overloading" issue on websites. I mean, people tend to put entire sitemaps in their navigation. I don't think this is a best practice. I'm more for specifics. Give the visitor the top levels at all times and then let then drill down once inside one of those levels. Not from every page of the site. ;)

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Effective Search Engine Optimization

The benefits of having your website at the top of search results are obvious. It is also no secret that an effective search engine optimization campaign can take you there. But what are the components of successful SEO efforts?

First and foremost your site requires comprehensive analysis. Your SEO company should clearly understand the needs and goals of your business and tailor the whole process according to them.

As soon as the priorities are set, the first stage should be keyword research. Just like in any other type of advertising you need to find out all ins and outs of your target market. The most important thing is how people look for products and services similar to yours. The chosen set of keywords should be highly relevant to the theme of your website. You should also consider the level of competition for the keywords you’ve identified in order to find out whether it is possible to obtain high rankings for these keywords with the budget you have. It would be an overkill to compete for the most popular keywords, but on the other hand it won’t do your business any good if you win top ratings for phrases that no one will ever search for. Try to find a reasonable middle ground.

Once you’ve come up with the keywords for your website, its time to develop the content in which they will be used. Titling a page according to the keyword and using corresponding meta tags is a poor excuse for an effective search engine optimization. Your page should have informative content related to the phrase you optimize it for. Content development may range from adjusting the page titles and meta tags to creating additional sections with new content and reorganizing the whole structure of the site. The way you do it will depend on the requirements of your site and business.

Another kind of efforts involved in an effective search engine optimization campaign is link building. Once you’ve completed optimizing the content you should concern yourself with acquiring incoming links to your site. It is important that you start doing this as soon as possible and continue as long as it is needed. The best way to gain link popularity is writing compelling articles, posting on forums and blogs. Do not resort to potentially dangerous link farms and free-for-all sites. It may bring about unwanted consequences such as getting black listed from search engines.

Just like any other service SEO will provide you with what you pay for. If something seems too good to be true, it isn’t. Effective search engine optimization is not a trick. It takes a lot of time, effort and, yes, money. Thoroughly chose SEO company, make sure they understand your needs and concerns. If you make the right choice the investment is sure to pay off.

SEO issues can be chat out in forums or blogs!

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