Creating ribbon-style button with Photoshop (best for Join-Now/Register signs)

Recently I was looking for attractive "Join Now!" button.
I was trying to find Photoshop tutorial with keywords like strip, tape and etc. Got some interesting options for ribbon word.
...but nothing what I need.

And rapidly found this button that could perfectly fit in my layout. It's a vector image, but it's possible to make something like that with Photoshop.
I was googling for any tutorial for about an hour, but got nothing similar.
I decided to make it myself using all my little experience with Photoshop.
Here is what I've made in the end:

Ribbon Button example

So, here are steps for Photoshop.

1) create an image, set background similar to your site's header

2) create desired shape (rounded rectangle)

3) add your text (Join Now / Register / SignUp and etc.).
I've set it to "Subscribe!".
creating Ribbon button: adding text

4) rotate both (shape and text) to about -10..-20 degrees
Go to Edit->Transform->Rotate.
creating Ribbon sign: Edit->Transform->Rotate

rotate both to about -10..-20 degrees
creating tape-style button: rotate

Fix text position using arrows on your keyboard.
We could merge both layers, but we'll loose ability to change text later.
Text we could add later, but in this case we wouldn't see what dimensions of button we need.

5) Rasterize shape and cut right side
creating strip-style button: rasterize vector mask

Cutting right side
creating ribbon-styled button: cut right side

6) create ellipse shape, move it to the right bottom of main shape, rasterize this ellipse and remove unnecessary left part from it
creating ribbon-styled button: cut ellipse
Moving to direct position is like a jewelry work :)
I've used zoom for that for sure. (You can use CTRL++/CTRL+- hotkeys)

7) copy our cutted ellipse
making ribbon button: copy ellipse

move ellipse to the right top corner of main shape
making ribbon sign: move ellipse to the right top corner

fill it with Gradient tool (white->gray)
create ribbon button: fill ellipse with Gradient tool

In the properties for gradient you will find 4 bars. 2 top bars for Opacity, 2 bottom bars for colors. You can add your own bars, or move existent.
make ribbon button: Gradient tool

8 ) create rectangle to knock into one shape both ellipses
Edit rectangle for best fit and Merge it with red ellipse.

make ribbon button: plain work is done

9) add shadow to the right using gradient tool
Create new layer for that, click with CTRL on our shape and fill it with gradient (set color Black, opacity 50% for first point and 0% for second)

make ribbon button: add shadow

10) add shadow for our main shape
Right click on Shape 1 Layer and choose Blending options. Check drop shadow, choose preferences.

We need to separate shadow from main layer. Now make right click on Effects, and choose "Create Layer..."
(This trick I found here - Better Drop Shadows)
make ribbon button: separate shadow from main layer

If the notice appear, just click Ok.
make ribbon button: photoshop warning

Now you have your shadow on external layer!
make ribbon button with photoshop: shadow on external layer!

So choose this shadow and use warp on it.
make ribbon button with photoshop: using warp transformation

Drag right-bottom joints to down, press Enter when done.
ribbon button with photoshop: use warp transform

Now your sign is much more realistic!

Cut your shadow to the right (otherwise it will appear on your side-background).
ribbon button with photoshop: Cut shadow

11) Select main shape Layer(Shape 1), choose Blending options and check Stroke.
Set options like on scrinshot.
creating Ribbon sign: Blending options -> Stroke

12) Add Stroke to our top cuttered ellipse (see step 11)
Set options like on scrinshot.
Move stroke to external layer (see step 10)
creating Ribbon sign: Move stroke to external layer

remove 1px line to the left of figure.
creating Ribbon sign: remove 1px line

13) Last step - make it glossy
Create new layer, select it and click on our main Shape 1 with CTRL.
Choose Rectangular Marque Tool. Unselect right half of the shape with pressed ALT.
creating Ribbon sign: make button glossy

Now use Gradient tool on our selection with colors white->transparent
creating Ribbon sign: make button glossy - Gradient

Set Opacity to 25-30 for this layer.

Ribbon-style sign for your site

All you need is add this button into your HTML template. Ask me here if you need HowTo for that.


for Professional Designers: I'm sure that you know better ways for some steps. Will be glad to see your proposals!
for Newbies: I know, tutorial isn't perfect. I'm ready to answer your questions if something not clear for you.

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