How not to ask for a link (a few easy tips based on an email writing)

1. Don't mention anything nice about the person's site you are writing to. Keep the focus only on your site and how important your site is.

2. Mention repeatedly how important your low ranked, unknown site is and that the person you are writing to with an established, popular site "needs" to know about it. Don't use phrases like "you may find it of interest to know about my site" or "we seem to share a common interest" - those words are too polite and might actually get a response. Be sure to use terms like "you need to", especially when corresponding with a total stranger.

3. Address your email to "whom it may concern" even if the person's name you are sending your link request/demand to is in the title of his or her site, on the home page and listed again on the contact page. Remember your site is the important one, so it doesn't matter if you show an interest in the other person's name or web site.

4. Don't offer to link to the other person's site even if it is on the same topic as your site. Just repeatedly mention how important your information is and how linking to your site will help spread the word about this important topic. Ignore the fact that the publisher you are writing to already is spreading the word on this important topic.

5. Don't use words like please or thank you. If you use polite terms like that and the person you are writing to may actually respond to your email.

6. Repeatedly namedrop every important person you know related to the topic of your site. This shows how important you and your gray bar site with no links really must be. Make it seem like you are doing the link request recipient a favor by even taking time out of your busy schedule hobnobbing with important people to send him or her unsolicited spam email.

7. Don't bother to proof read your email and be sure to include spelling and grammatical errors.

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