Immerse Simplifies XR Training Programs for Enterprise with launch of "VR in a BOX"

VR in a BOX provides everything HR and Training teams need to quickly and easily get started in VR

LONDON, September 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, enterprise virtual reality (VR) platform provider Immerse has announced the launch of their latest product “VR in a BOX”, the all-in-one, frictionless solution for enterprises looking to begin their VR journey.

Immerse has identified hardware, software, and cost to be the top elements that impede XR adoption. XR adoption continues to be a valuable option for companies looking to train, upskill or reskill local and distributed workforces in almost any industry. However, implementing this new technology can be daunting for some organizations. Designed for enterprise companies with very little or no virtual reality experience, VR in a BOX provides every tool and software component necessary to implement Immerse’s platform and XR initiatives across their company. A process that normally takes 6 months is shortened into just a few weeks and allows companies to get their foot in the door with off the shelf content that speeds up implementation and scale of a VR program.

Each box will contain a headset with pre-installed training content of your choice from the Immerse Marketplace, and Mobile Device Management which allows you to control this content going forward. Each training app is fully integrated with the Immerse Platform, allowing you to start gathering performance data from day one. Additionally, SAP customers will be able to integrate their platform with SuccessFactors.

“Our goal when we started Immerse was to make VR accessible and provide immediate benefits for businesses. After over 10 years in the industry, we realized companies often felt overwhelmed by the adoption process and didn’t know where to start” he said Heath Chatouhy, Chief Commercial Officer at Immerse. “Our VR in a BOX solution addresses this issue and provides an easy to understand solution for CIO’s, CLO’s, HR leaders, and their teams to help them implement Immerses’ truly open, scalable platform.”

Implementing VR solutions helps to attract, retain, and improve employee talent. The award winning Immerse platform, trusted by global companies such as Nestle and Shell, allows enterprises to aggregate content, distribute and gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their VR training. Additionally, the platform also provides consistent tracking across a range of levels – from completion statements to every user interaction. To date, companies implementing the Immerse platform have seen a 76% reduction in accident risk, 50% reduction in training time, and 77% overall ROI.

The VR in BOX will include the following items, as well as full access to Immerses’ customer success team and onboarding specialists:

  • 5x Immerse Marketplace learning applications, both in specific industry bundles or a la carte.
  • Immersive platform
  • 5 x Pico Neo 3 headsets
  • Mobile Device Management solution pre-installed

VR In a BOX will be available for purchase starting Tuesday September 13, 2022. For more information, please visit the VR In a BOX landing page.

About Immerse

Immerse is the leading open and scalable immersive ecosystem for enterprise XR training technology and solutions. Founded in 2014, the team developed a content aggregation, distribution and reporting platform, called the Immerse Platform, from the ground up as an enterprise solution that enables companies to create, distribute, easily implement, and measure performance for custom and off-the- shelf XR training content. Looking to advance the XR enterprise learning market, Immerse introduced the Marketplace, the industry’s first, one-stop-shop for third-party content. The marketplace allows companies easier and much more cost-effective access to a wide range of world-class content in one place, accelerating implementation and improving user experience. In addition, the storefront is providing new and recurring revenue for content developers and a tool to broaden their customer base on a global scale. With clients in a wide range of industries such as CPG, Oil & Gas, pharma, life sciences, power & utilities, Immerse is the only ecosystem prepared for sustained growth.

Contact: Sara DeMoranville, [email protected]

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